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Monthly Archives: July 2015

MXD Group’s move to New Albany spurs opportunities in central Ohio

Moving our corporate offices has ultimately landed us in New Albany, Ohio, just outside the city of Columbus.

Where we operate is as important to our business as our services themselves; our commitment to stay in the heart of Ohio was as much a priority as was finding a new space to take MXD Group to the next level.

Centrally located, Columbus is a day’s drive to some of the biggest metropolitan areas in the U.S. and Canada — nearly half of the national population lives within a few hundred miles of the city.

Anchoring a logistics business like MXD Group here is a natural choice to serve our national footprint, and a rapidly developing suburb like New Albany is the perfect place to call home.

Here we have access to a diverse pool of talented professionals who bring extensive experience in big-name retail, home delivery, transportation and customer service to our team.

“There are more than a few great reasons to keep the nerve center of our business here in Columbus,” says Jeff Abeson, our Chief Sales Officer.

Offering significant supply chain and business management programs, nearby Ohio State University and other colleges and universities in the region bring tremendous resources to the table.

“Every year we have access to young professionals who are enthusiastic and eager to do great work,” says Jeff.

The dynamic community and excellent resources in talent and infrastructure found here are perfect for growing an efficient logistics enterprise.

Our move means great things, both for MXD Group and for the communities surrounding the city of Columbus. As we introduce new personnel to our team, we’re also expanding our capabilities and improving the quality of our service delivery.

Between our home offices and call center, MXD Group will be filling roles spanning all functions of our business — from hourly associates to managers in finance, recruiting and quality control.

We’re thrilled to continue driving growth in our company and in the Columbus Region.