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Monthly Archives: January 2016

New year, a new you!

In the New Year, there will be no shortage of resolutions for a healthier and more fit lifestyle.

Along with these resolutions comes a spike in the purchase of home fitness equipment. When that happens, MXD Group is the perfect partner for delivering those purchases to homes across the nation.

When shipping items like treadmills, stair climbers and beyond, it’s important to communicate with consumers what they can expect from their home delivery experience.

There are different service options for home delivery of fitness equipment:

  • Threshold Delivery: We’ll carry the piece past the point of entry to the home. We still won’t leave without making sure her expectations are exceeded, but leave the room selection and assembly to the homeowner.
  • Room-Of-Choice Delivery: We will carry the item to whichever room she wants and make sure she has everything she needs for assembly.
  • Room-Of-Choice Delivery & Assembly: We bring the item to the room of her choice and fully assemble all included equipment and accessories. We’ll make sure everything is working and looking great before we leave.

The arrival of new fitness equipment is a meaningful experience for someone making a new commitment to our consumer’s health and well-being in the New Year. We understand the anticipation, and the life change this purchase represents.

We hope the delivery experience is just the beginning of a healthy new lifestyle.