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Communicating Shipping Information during the Holidays

MXD Group provides final mile delivery for some of the nation’s leading retailers year-round, including the holiday season. Deliveries in these months add an extra delight — if not some extra pressure — to the experience.

It’s important to follow some simple steps to ensure your consumer is satisfied with their holiday shopping, shipping and delivery experience.

Communicate clearly and early your order cutoff dates. Provide exact dates (and times) in which users should be placing their orders in order to receive their holiday deliveries on time. Provide a chart of order date with corresponding guaranteed delivery dates – and keep your promise! This information should be displayed prominently by your POS or ecommerce site so not to be missed as well as through a targeted email campaign weeks before the final cutoff date. Reiterate the expected delivery date via an order confirmation email. Managing expectations is key!

Remember, the rush is real this time of year. MXD Group’s customer service associates are in overdrive! They will be just as committed to collaborating with you to make sure holiday deliveries are as delightful as any other time of year.

And, don’t forget – winter storms can happen over night! Weather conditions can affect scheduling in unexpected ways. We make sure to communicate this in every scheduling interaction and do our best to still accommodate the needs of the consumer.

The pieces we deliver are key instruments in making the holidays great. Whether it’s a beautiful dining set for the family dinner or a brand new appliance that makes the whole party go off without a hitch — delivering delight is our #1 priority, no matter the occasion.


Happy holidays!